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Ryan Reynolds Gets Scrooged for Spirited on Apple TV+ (Trailer)

Every few years there’s a big new spin on A Christmas Carol and Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell are starring in the new one, Spirited, for Apple TV+.  Reynolds plays Clint Briggs, who is the latest target for life-changing visions from the Ghosts of Past (Sunita Mani), Present (Ferrell), and Yet to Come (Loren G. Woods).  However, Briggs turns the tables on Present, forcing him to examine his own choices in the past, present, and future.  Octavia Spencer co-stars and the movie was directed by Sean Anders, who most recently directed the Daddy’s Home movies and Instant Family.  Spirited promises lots of big musical numbers and it also seems like it’s taking a page from something like The Good Place, as the various Ghosts of Christmas have a sort of bureaucracy and yearly plan to try and change one mean person’s soul.  Spirited will be in theaters on November 11th and then the following week streaming on Apple TV+, check out the trailer below.

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