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Action Hero of the Week: Declan Mulqueen

Name: Declan Joseph Mulqueen

Occupation: Criminal, Sniper

Family: N/A

Allies: Carter Preston, Isabella Celia Zancona, Valentina Koslova, Timothy I. Witherspoon, FBI Agent McMurphy, Donald Brown, Akashi

Enemies: The Jackal, Ghazzi Murad

Weapon(s) of Choice: SIG-Sauer P22, Heckler & Koch SR9(TC)

Body Count: 1

Memorable Quote: “I’m sorry, Mr. Brown, but this man is no clown. He knows all your moves, back to front. Right now, you’ve got a name; that’s all you’ve got. So, the Jackal’s got a target, you. He’s got a timetable. And as to making mistakes, he’s spent twenty years in a trade that doesn’t forgive error. And he’s prevailed. You think he’s the one who’s up against it?”

See Declan in Action:

Where to watch The Jackal

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