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Everything Action Theater: A Christmas Dream

Airing only once in 1984 on NBC, A Christmas Dream paired up 80s icons Mr. T and Emmanuel Lewis for a magical Christmas across New York City.  Mr. T plays Santa Benny, who dresses up like Santa to bring joy to the kids.  Lewis is a young boy who doesn’t have the Christmas spirit. Mr. T takes it upon himself to take him to various New York City landmarks and meet with special guests like David Copperfield, singer Maureen McGovern, and the Radio City Rockettes.  There was almost no one bigger than Mr. T in the 80s and it only made sense for him to headline a Christmas special, the man had his own cartoon, action figures, and breakfast cereal.  The special actually did fairly well, coming in at #17 on the ratings charts and topping that year’s broadcast of the beloved Frosty the Snowman animated special but A Christmas Dream has never aired again and never got any sort of release on VHS or other home media.  You can watch the entire special below though, thanks to YouTube.

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