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The Deadites Return in April With Evil Dead Rise (Trailer)

The Evil Dead series returns to theaters in April with Evil Dead Rise, the fifth movie overall in the franchise which includes the original Bruce Campbell/Sam Rami trilogy, the Starz Ash vs Evil Dead TV series, and the Fede Alvarez reboot.  Evil Dead Rise moves things from the woods to the city as a pair of estranged sisters reunite but the Necronomicon has other plans, with the Deadites being unleashed again and transforming one of the sisters, Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) into a violent monster.  The other sister, Beth (Lily Sullivan) has to try and protect her nieces and nephews from the possessed demonic creatures, including busting out the franchise’s go-to weapon, the chainsaw.  Lee Cronin, who directed the horror movie The Hole in the Ground, directs Evil Dead Rise and Robert Tapert produce the movie with Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell as executive producers.  Evil Dead Rise is out on April 21st and you can see the regular trailer below but you should definitely go to YouTube and watch the Red Band for the true, gory Evil Dead experience.

Where to watch The Evil Dead

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