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Everything Action Commentary: Warriors of Future

For the first Everything Action Commentary of 2023, Zach and Chris celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year with a massive Chinese blockbuster from 2022, Warriors of Future.

Set in the future of 2055, a massive meteor crashes into a section of Hong Kong and brings with it an alien plant lifeform called Pandora.  Pandora is cleaning the polluted atmosphere but is also growing each time it rains and is threatening to destroy the entire city.  A plan by the military is put into action to try and change Pandora’s DNA so that it will stop growing but still clean the incredibly polluted atmosphere.  The plan goes horribly awry and only a few survivors are left to try and complete the mission while battling giant alien bugs and military robots that have been turned against them.  Zach and Chris talk about the many Hollywood movies that seem to inspire the movie (like Iron Man and Terminator), the video gameesque action, the vague backstory of the main characters, the potential sequel setup, the crazy opening montage, Skynets, and more.  Warriors of Future is available to stream on Netflix and you can sync up the commentary below and watch along with the Everything Action crew (we watched the dubbed English version to make it easier to comment on the movie).

Where to watch Warriors of Future

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