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Musical Montage: Devo and Toni Basil “The Only One”

Easily one of the most unique aspects of the schlocky 80s horror movie Slaughterhouse Rock is the fact that Devo provided most of the soundtrack and “Mickey” singer Toni Basil co-starred.  Devo and Basil teamed up for the movie’s end credits song, “The Only One”.  Directed by Dimitri Logothetis, who is still working today directing movies like Jiu Jitsu, Slaughterhouse Rock follows Alex (Nicholas Celozzi), who is having horrific nightmares that manifest physically, like setting his room on fire or causing him to levitate.  All the nightmares seem to be centered around Alcatraz, so Alex and his friends head to the prison to try and get answers but end up the target of a demonic force that possesses Alex’s brother and starts slaughtering the group.  Basil played Sammy Mitchell, who came to Alcatraz looking for a magical object that she believed would give her an edge in the world of rock n roll but ended up killing her and her band and unleashing the demon.  Sammy guides Alex and teaches him how to astral project and also provides an insane dance sequence in the middle of the movie.  If you’re curious, you can watch Slaughterhouse Rock on Shudder and you can listen to “The Only One” below.

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