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Everything Action Theater: Critters

With the success of Gremlins in 1984, there was a slew of horror comedies that featured tiny monsters, from Ghoulies to Hobgoblins to the stars of this edition of Everything Action Theater, Critters.  Released in 1986, the first Critters movie was directed by Stephen Herek in his directorial debut.  The movie followed the Krites, a group of tiny but dangerous aliens who are being transported to an intergalactic prison.  The Krites escape to Earth and a pair of shape-shifting bounty hunters are dispatched to track them down.  A rural farming family, the Browns, get caught between the two factions as the Critters land nearby and begin to terrorize them and the surrounding area.  The cast of Critters was actually pretty stacked with Dee Wallace, M. Emmett Walsh, Billy “Green” Bush, Billy Zane, Scott Grimes, Lin Shaye, Nadine van der Velde, Terrence Mann, and Don Keith Opper co-starring.  The movie made $13.2 million off a $3 million budget and generated three sequels, a Shudder streaming series, and a reboot in 2019, Critters Attack!  You can watch the entire first movie below thanks to YouTube.


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