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Battle at the Box Office 2/13/23

With the Super Bowl happening yesterday and drawing the attention of almost everyone in the country and around the world, the box office was incredibly slow this past weekend but Magic Mike’s Last Dance managed to take the top spot.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance opened at $8.3 million over the weekend, enough for the #1 spot.  The movie was surprisingly limited in the number of theaters it was played in as Warner Bros said they had a “specially curated” list of 1,500 theaters that the movie played in.  That was about half as many theaters as the last Magic Mike, Magic Mike XXL, which opened in 3,355 theaters and took in $12.8 million.  That’s not too much more than Last Dance, so maybe WB was on to something.  Neither sequel got close to topping the original Magic Mike, which made $39.1 million back in 2012 and ultimately made over $170 million worldwide.  Last Dance has made $18.5 million worldwide so far.

Avatar: The Way of Water moved back up to second place after dropping to third last weekend.  It took in another $7.2 million and now has a domestic total of over $647 million and a worldwide total of $2.21 billion.  The Way of Water is currently the 10th biggest movie domestically of all time and the fourth biggest movie of all time worldwide.  Depending on how well the re-release of Titanic does (more on that below), The Way of Water could move into the 3rd all-time slot.

The aforementioned Titanic re-release put out a bit belatedly for the movie’s 25th anniversary, which was last year, took in $6.7 million.  The movie was remastered in 4K and in 3D.

80 for Brady and Puss in Boots: The Last Wish rounded out the top 5, with Puss in Boots still hanging strong, only dropping 29% from last weekend and sitting now at $158.5 million domestically and $394.1 million worldwide.

Knock at the Cabin, after taking the top spot last weekend, nosedived with a 62% drop and sixth place.  The movie made another $5.4 million, bringing it to $23.3 million domestically and $36.6 million worldwide.

The Per Theater average went to the 4K restoration/re-release of Una vita difficile, originally released in 1961.  The movie played in 1 theater and made $10,003 in that theater over the weekend.

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