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Everything Action Theater: Twin Dragons

If there’s one thing that’s better than one Jackie Chan, it’s two Jackie Chans, which is what we got in the 1992 classic Twin Dragons, which you can watch in the latest Everything Action Theater.  Chan plays twins Ma Yu and Bok Min, who are separated at birth when a dangerous gang leader escapes the hospital and the twins are victims of the chaos that ensues.  Ma Yu is adopted by an American couple and becomes a concert pianist while Bok Min is raised on the streets of Hong Kong by an alcoholic woman and becomes a martial artist and street racer. The twins reunite when Ma Yu is in Hong Kong for a concert and they get embroiled with a gang of criminals that forces them to team up and use their unique skills to defeat them.  Chan’s frequent co-star Maggie Cheung is featured along with Nina Li Chin, Teddy Robin, and Kirk Wong.  Along with double Chan in front of the camera, behind the camera, there was a pair of martial arts directing masters with Ringo Lam and Tsui Hark co-directing, with Lam tackling most of the action sequences, including the climactic battle in an auto-testing facility that includes a fight in a wind tunnel.  The movie made over $46 million worldwide when it came out and was the ninth-highest-grossing film in Hong Kong that year.  The movie also spawned a slew of Indian remakes, starting with 1994’s Telugu movie Hello Brother.  You can watch all of Twin Dragons below, thanks to YouTube.

Where to watch Twin Dragons

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