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Everything Action Theater: Knights and Warriors

American Gladiators was a massive hit in the 90s and it spawned a whole host of similar shows, like Battledome, WMAC Masters, and the fantasy-themed Knights and Warriors, which you can watch in the latest Everything Action Theater.  Filmed in the same studio space as American Gladiators, Knights and Warriors lasted for one season starting in September of 1992, airing on weekends in syndication and lasting until September of 1993.  The show featured two teams, consisting of a male and female competitor who are dubbed the “Knights”.  They compete with each other and against the “Warriors”, who in the lore of the show are a horde of barbarians who invaded the peaceful kingdom of the show’s universe.  The “Knights” have been pulled from the modern day into the fantasy realm of the show by the Lord of Rules and Discipline, played by Bernard Erhard, who was also the show’s referee.  Warriors consisted of Plague, Steel Maiden, Chaos, Pyro, Princess Malice, and Knightmare, all introduced in the show’s gloriously cheesy intro.  Joe Fowler and Lisa Canning provided the commentary and hosting duties for the show.  The Knights competed in events like the Catapult, where they try to catch red dodgeballs while avoiding yellow ones launched by the Warriors via slingshot, and Volcano, where the Knights attempt to climb a 30-foot volcano-shaped net while the Warriors try to knock them off.  You can watch an entire episode of the show below.

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