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Ben Affleck Hunts a Mind Bending Threat in Hypnotic (Trailer)

On the hunt for his missing daughter, Ben Affleck stumbles into the world of mind-bending “Hypnotics” in the new thriller from Robert Rodriguez.  Affleck plays Detective Daniel Rourke, who is on a quest for his missing daughter.  While trying to stop a bank heist, Rourke crosses paths with a mysterious man, played by William Fichtner, who is able to bend people to his will and make them do whatever he wants.  Seemingly having some knowledge of Rourke’s daughter, Rourke pursues and gets help from Diana Cruz, played by Alice Braga, who tells Rourke about people called “Hypnotics” who possess the mind-bending abilities of Fichtner’s character.  Jeff Fahey, Kelly Frye, JD Pardo, Hala Finley, and Bonnie Discepolo co-star.  It definitely seems like a stylistic departure for Rodriguez, looking more like a Christopher Nolan or David Fincher movie than his typical, Grindhouse-inspired fare.  Hypnotic will be out on May 12th and you can check out the trailer below.

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