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Action Hero of the Week: Sean Vetter

Name: Sean Vetter

Occupation: DEA Agent

Family: Stacy Vetter (Wife)

Allies: Demetrius Hicks, Ty Frost, Big Sexy, Candice Hicks

Enemies: Memo “Diablo” Lucero, Hollywood Jack Slayton, Pamona Joe, Garza, Monroe “Overdose” Johnson, Mateo Santos

Weapon(s) of Choice: Glock 17, Colt Model 635 9mm SMG, Remington 870

Body Count: 6

Memorable Quote: “They call us down here. They take away our weapons? They expect us to go into a building full of drunken cartel gunmen unarmed? I mean, that isn’t fun”

See Sean in Action:

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