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Star Wars: Visions Goes Global for Volume 2 (Trailer)

After collecting animated shorts from some of the best Japanese anime studios for Volume 1 of Star Wars: Visions, Volume 2 is going global with a new batch of shorts from studios in Ireland, Spain, the UK, South Korea, South Africa, and more.  Among the studios are the venerable stop-motion masters at Aardman, Studio Mir (who worked on Voltron and The Boondocks), Triggerfish, and Oscar-nominated Cartoon Saloon.  Lucasfilm themselves are also making a short for the new collection.  It seems like along with the wide diversity of styles there will be a wide variety of tones as well, from dark and serious to light and goofy but all of it looks truly stunning.  Star Wars: Visions Volume 2 debuts on Disney+ on May 4th (Star Wars Day) and you can check out the trailer below.

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