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Everything Action Theater: 200 MPH

There have been many attempts since 2001 to try and replicate the success of The Fast & The Furious franchise, including biker movies like Torque and Biker Boyz and movies like Redline.  The Asylum was no stranger to this either, releasing the street racing movie 200 MPH in 2011, the same year that Fast Five hit theaters.  200 MPH doesn’t try to replicate the globe-trotting over-the-top action of Fast Five, but instead throws back a decade to the original, following an amateur racer who enters the dangerous world of illegal street racing after the death of his brother.  The movie tries to replicate the style of racing action of The Fast and Furious and, by Asylum standards, does a fairly decent job, with actual cars racing and drifting around LA streets.  None of the cast is recognizable and it still has a lot of the goofy writing and plotting and questionable of an Asylum movie but they get a B, B+ for effort.  You can watch 200 MPH below.

Where to watch 200 MPH

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