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Everything Action Theater: Beast Wars

The Maximals are making their big screen debut this weekend in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts and you can head back to where it all began in this week’s Everything Action Theater with the first episodes of the beloved animated series, Beast Wars.  Debuting in 1996, Beast Wars took the Transformers franchise in a bold new direction, focusing on the Maximal and Predacon factions, who transformed into different animals, not the cars, trucks, and planes of the original series.  Led by Optimus Primal (Garry Chalk), the Maximals are sent after Megatron (David Kaye) and the Predacons, who are trying to amass a large amount of Energon and take over Cybertron.  Both groups travel through a wormhole and end up crashing on an unknown planet, later revealed to be prehistoric Earth, and take on the forms of the dominant lifeforms in the area and continue their battle.  The show was one of the first fully CG animated series to air on TV, along with Reboot, and came from the same studio as Reboot, Mainframe Entertainment.  While starting out a bit simplistic, the series grew into its own, with complex characters and rich storytelling, peaking with one of the greatest TV episodes ever, “Code of Hero” in Season 2.  You can watch the two-part premiere below, upscaled to 4K thanks to the YouTube channel AI’s Replay.



Where to watch Beast Wars: Transformers

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