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Everything Action Commentary: Young Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Blues

With Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny coming out this month and wrapping up Indy’s adventures, Zach and Chris went back to one of his earlier adventures and watch Young Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Blues.

An episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles TV series that aired in the early 90s on ABC, Mystery of the Blues was a special feature-length episode that debuted on March 13th, 1993, and was the only episode of the series that features an appearance from Harrison Ford.  Ford’s Indy is on an adventure that bookends the main story but he discovers a saxophone while hiding from some goons and reminisces about the time he was in college in Chicago and became friends with legendary jazz musician Sidney Bechet (Jeffrey Wright).  Young Indy (Sean Patrick Flanery) is a massive jazz fanboy but he has to discover the secret of jazz within himself in order to play it properly.  Later, Indy teams up with his college roommate, Eliot Ness (Frederick Weller), and his buddy Ernest Hemingway (Jay Underwood) to solve a murder mystery.  While watching the movie/episode, Zach and Chris try to figure out the secret of jazz, why Indy seems to be suffering from zero PTSD from World War I, awkward family dinners, and the obligatory action sequence in the climax.  You can watch Mystery of the Blues on Disney+ and watch along with the Everything Action crew.

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