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Battle at the Box Office 6/26/23

The Flash continues to do so terribly at the box office in its second weekend that it was defeated handily by the summer’s superior multiversal adventure, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, which returned to the #1 spot on the weekend chart.

Across the Spider-Verse was third on last week’s box office chart but the poor performance of The Flash and Elemental, along with the below-expectations debut of No Hard Feelings, propelled Miles and the Spider gang back to the top of the box office with another $19 million.  The movie now has $316.7 million domestically for four weeks out and just shy of $560 million worldwide.  It is currently the sixth biggest movie of the year worldwide, between The Wandering Earth II and The Little Mermaid.

Elemental stayed in second place, dropping only 38% from last weekend and making another $18.4 million domestically, putting it at $65.4 million.  Worldwide, the movie has just over $121 million.  The second weekend was slightly higher than Lightyear’s second weekend last summer but Lightyear opened well above Elemental’s opening weekend.  If Elemental continues to hold, he should eke out slightly over $100 million domestically but it’s still not good news for Pixar and Disney.

The Flash absolutely cratered in its second weekend, dropping to third place and 72% down from last week’s already disappointing opening.  The movie made $15.1 million in its second weekend, which puts it at $87.5 million domestically.  That drop is higher than Shazam! Fury of the Gods horrific performance in March, which dropped 69% in its second weekend, although The Flash is making slightly more money.  It’s hard to tell what is causing the terrible performance but things do not bode well for Blue Beetle and Aquaman 2 later this year.

No Hard Feelings and Transformers: Rise of the Beasts rounded out the top 5.  No Hard Feelings debuted at $15 million, which is a drop from director Gene Stupnitsky’s last R-rated comedy, Good Boys from 2019, which made just over $21 million in its opening weekend.  For Jennifer Lawrence, that opening is between Red Sparrow and Passengers, which makes it one of her lowest wide openings.

Just outside the top 5, Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City took in $9 million for its first weekend of wide release and it has $10.2 million domestically so far.  That wide opening is by far Wes Anderson’s biggest first weekend of wide release, topping movies like The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Isle of Dogs.  It was also in the third largest number of theaters for a Wes Anderson movie with 1,675.

Asteroid City also took the Per Theater average with $5,405 in each of those 1,675 theaters over the weekend.

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