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Futurama Returns in July on Hulu (Trailer)

Even though it ended as perfectly as a TV show could possibly end, Futurama is returning in July on Hulu with new episodes.  Seemingly retconning the time loop finale of Season 7, things are back to normal at Planet Express, with Fry (Billy West), Leela (Katey Sagal), Bender (John DiMaggio), Zoidberg (West), Hermes (Phil LaMarr), Amy Wong (Lauren Tom) and Professor Farnsworth (West) getting into new adventures that tackle a futuristic version of Covid-19, parodies of Westworld and Dune and returning characters like Mom (Tress MacNeille), the Fry’s former parasites and Robot Santa Claus.  The series was revived for 20 episodes, with the first 10 starting on July 24th and running through September.  You can check out the trailer for the new season below.

Where to watch Futurama

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