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Everything Action Theater: King Solomon’s Mines (2004)

King Solomon’s Mines is one of the classic adventure stories and has seen numerous adaptations over the years.  In 2004, none other than Patrick Swayze took on the iconic role of Allan Quartermain for the Hallmark Channel when a two-episode miniseries debuted adapting the Henry Rider Haggard classic.  Co-starring Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade co-star Alison Doody, the miniseries follows Quartermain as he takes on a mission to find a wealthy, missing British explorer, who has sent a map to the legendary mines of King Solomon, which among other riches holds the powerful Stone of the Ancestors, which an African warlock named Twala is looking to claim.  The Russians are also after the mines and are constantly running afoul of Quartermain and his expedition.  Veteran TV director Steve Boyum, who has also worked on Supernatural, The Boys, Black Sails, Numbers, and Hawaii Five-0, directed the miniseries, which aired on June 6th, 2004. You can watch the entire miniseries below thanks to YouTube.

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