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Musical Montage: Shanice “It’s For You”

The Meteor Man celebrated its 30th anniversary this past weekend. While it featured artists like Naughty By Nature, Luther Vandross, Cypress Hill, and Big Daddy Kane in special appearances, the leading single from the movie’s soundtrack was “It’s for You” by Shanice.  Shanice had a number of hit singles prior to “It’s for You”, including “Silent Prayer”, “I Love Your Smile” and “Saving Forever for You”, which was featured on the Beverly Hills 90210 soundtrack.  She also contributed “Don’t Wanna Love You” to the Boomerang soundtrack the prior year in 1992.  Along with appearing in The Meteor Man, Shanice also performed the song the following year in January 1994 on the Family Matters episode “Rock Enroll”.  Shanice continued to contribute to movie soundtracks, including “If I Never Knew You” from the Pocahontas soundtrack.  “It’s for You” received a music video as well, which features clips from the movie and you can check it out below.

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