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Grab A Pizza with Freddy Fazbear in October (Trailer)

Just in time for Halloween, the uber-popular Five Nights at Freddy’s game is coming to theaters and Peacock with its film adaptation.  Josh Hutcherson stars as Mike Schmidt, who takes a job as the security guard for the abandoned and rundown Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.  Taking his daughter Abby (Piper Rubio) along for the night shift, Mike soon learns that sinister things are afoot and the ghosts of kids who disappeared in the 80s are now possessing the animatronic creatures of the restaurant and are looking for revenge.  Matthew Lillard, Mary Stuart Masterson, and Elizabeth Lail co-star.  Freddy and the other animatronic creatures were created by Jim Henson’s Creature Workshop and look straight out of the game, so fans of the franchise will hopefully be very pleased.  The franchise’s creator Shawn Cawthon co-wrote the script.  Five Nights at Freddy’s hits theaters and streams on Peacock on the same day, October 27th, and you can check out the new trailer below.

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