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Musical Montage: Sting ft Eric Clapton “It’s Probably Me”

Eric Clapton helped set the tone for the music of the Lethal Weapon series in the first movie of the franchise and he returned to help out Sting with the Lethal Weapon 3soundtrack song “It’s Probably Me”.  Clapton helped compose and perform the Lethal Weapon scores along with Michael Kamen and he collaborated with Sting and Elton John on the Lethal Weapon 3 soundtrack.  For Sting’s song, snippets of the score of the first Lethal Weapon movie are used and the song was released as a single to promote the movie.  It hit #20 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart.  It was much more successful in Europe, hitting #1 in Italy and getting certified Gold in Italy and Australia.  Sting included the song on his Fields of Gold: The Best of Sting 1984-1994 album and his Duets album.  He recorded a new version without Clapton for his Ten Summoner’s Tales album in 1993.  The version with Clapton got a music video, which was nominated for a Grammy and MTV Movie Award, which you can check out below.

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