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Kaitlyn Dever Battles an Alien Invasion in No One Will Save You (Trailer)

Hulu always celebrates the spooky fall season with some exclusive content and this year they have the alien invasion movie No One Will Save You hitting at the end of September.  Kaitlyn Dever stars as Brynn Adams, a woman who lives in her secluded childhood home.  Awakened one night by strange noises, Brynn is horrified to discover the terrifying alien creatures have entered her home and had to survive the paranormal home invasion.  There are shades of Signs and A Quiet Place and the movie is directed by Brian Duffield who directed the movie Spontaneous and wrote The Babysitter, Underwater, and Love and Monsters.  No One Will Save You is out on Hulu on September 22nd and you can check out the trailer below.

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