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A Special Forces Team Needs to Save the World While Hungover in Obliterated (Trailer)

Putting an action movie spin on something like The Hangover, Obliterated finds a Special Forces team prematurely celebrating stopping a devastating attack on Las Vegas and then having to deal with the real threat afterward.  Nick Zano, who was fantastic on Legends of Tomorrow, is Chris McKnight, a Navy SEAL who is joined by specialists from other units, like Paola Lázaro’s Gomez, who is a Marine sniper, C. Thomas Howell as Haggerty, an Army explosives expert, and Shelley Hennig’s Winters, who is a CIA agent.  After stopping what they think is a nuclear bomb, the team indulges in everything Las Vegas has to offer but their party is killed by a call from the terrorists, who reveal the bomb they stopped was a fake and they have until morning to stop the real one.  The show comes from the team behind Cobra Kai and will be an 8-episode series that arrives on November 30th on Netflix.  Check out the trailer below.

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