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What If…? Returns in December for More Marvel Multiverse Madness (Trailer)

The MCU’s animated multiverse returns in December with the second season of What If…? on Disney+.  The new anthology series will again dive into alternate takes on key MCU moments and completely new worlds, like one this season inspired by Marvel 1602, all narrated by the all-seeing Watcher (Jeffrey Wright).  The new season is also introducing a completely original character in the MCU canon, Kahhori, a Mohawk warrior who becomes embued with the power of the Tesseract in pre-colonial America.  There also appears to be some sort of Mad Max-looking race, a battle between the Ten Rings and Asgard, a Christmas themed episode and an 80s Avengers team that includes Hank Pym.  There will also be a sequel episode to the first season’s Captain Carter episode.  The new season begins on December 22nd, with a new episode dropping every day until December 30th.  Check out the trailer below.

Where to watch What If...?

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