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Everything Action Commentary: The Three Musketeers (1993)

For the latest Everything Action commentary, Zach and Chris celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 1993 Disney version of The Three Musketeers with special guests Addam and Chris Ali.

Starring Chris O’Donnell as D’Artagnan, the movie loosely follows the plot of the Alexandre Dumas novel but with more swashbuckling action and 90s power ballads.  Kiefer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen, and Oliver Platt are the titular Musketeers while Tim Curry devours scenery as Cardinal Richelieu and Rebecca De Mornay is the sultry spy Milady.  While watching the movie, the guys discuss the color-coordinated armies, the over-the-top horniness, the episodic nature of the movie, the wild shifts in tone, and more.  You can watch The Three Musketeers on Disney+ and sync it up with our commentary.

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You can find Adam at @addamthecomic on Twitter and Twitch and at theadman2315#2135 on Discord.  Also check out his friend Mike Rainey’s book On Percs here: https://www.onpercs.com/store/p/golden-mist-cup-weny8-k3h8l

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Where to watch The Three Musketeers

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