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Everything Actioncast: Dune (1984)

This week on the Everything Actioncast, the Spice must flow as Zach and Chris talk about David Lynch’s Dune as we prepare ourselves for Dune: Part Two in theaters.  Starring Kyle Maclachlan, in his film debut, as Paul Atreides, the movie attempts to condense Frank Herbert’s sci-fi epic into just slightly over two hours instead of the luxury of two, almost three-hour movies like Denis Villeneuve has had.

The guys talk about how memorable Sting is despite not really doing anything, the disgusting, bumbling Harkonnens, giant space slugs, the super condensed final act, the constant whispering voiceover, battle pugs, and more.  You can watch David Lynch’s Dune on Max (which is also where you can see Dune: Part One if you need a refresher before Part Two).

Next week the guys are talking about the Stephen King adaptation Children of the Corn as it celebrates its 40th anniversary.

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