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Everything Actioncast: The Fall Guy (1981)

This week on the Everything Actioncast, Zach and Chris track some bounties with the first episode of 1981’s The Fall Guy as the Ryan Gosling/Emily Blunt movie hits theaters.

Starring Lee Majors as Colt Seavers, he’s a Hollywood stuntman for hire who moonlights as a bounty hunter tracking down criminals who skip bail.  Joined by his cousin Howie (Douglas Barr) and his stunt partner Jody (Heather Thomas), Colt uses his knowledge of stunts to outwit and capture his bounty targets.  In the 90-minute first episode, which aired on ABC in September 1981, Colt gets tasked with tracking down a country singer, played by Lou Rawls, who is being strong-armed by a trio of dangerous drug dealers before heading to Arizona to track down and capture a sheriff (Eddie Albert) who was involved in a deadly hit and run in Los Angeles.

Zach and Chris talk about the celebrities playing themselves, Colt’s humble home in the mountains, his stunt-for-hire business, the multiple show intros, and more.  You can buy this episode or the first season of The Fall Guy on Amazon, but you can also watch the first episode in this week’s Everything Action Theater.

Next week, we are talking about The Mummy to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

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