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Musical Montage: Josh Groban “Remember”

Along with composing the score for Wolfgang Petersen’s 2004 historical epic Troy, James Horner also worked with Josh Groban for the movie’s end credits song, “Remember.”  Horner was the 2nd composer brought in for Troy, with Gabriel Yared being the first.  The reaction was highly negative at a test screening with an incomplete version of the score, and Horner was brought in to compose an entirely new score.  Horner incorporated Eastern Mediterranean instruments, brass, and vocals from Tanja Carovska, who was also involved in the Yared score and provided vocals for “Remember.”  2004 was a big year for Josh Groban, as “You Lift Me Up” dominated the Adult Contemporary charts earlier in the year, and he also contributed “Believe” to the soundtrack for The Polar Express.  A music video for “Remember” was shot to promote the movie and the soundtrack and you can check it out below.

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