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Musical Montage: Clint Black “A Good Run of Bad Luck”

Maverick, which came out 30 years ago today, featured several cameos from western film actors and country music stars, including Clint Black, whose song “A Good Run of Bad Luck” appeared on the movie’s soundtrack.  Black’s cameo in the film is of a gambler who gets thrown off a boat for cheating at poker.  “A Good Run of Bad Luck” first appeared on Black’s album No Time to Kill, which was released in February 1994, and the song was the fourth single off the album.  It hit #1 on the Billboard Country chart and ended the year at #20 on the year-end Billboard chart.  Black directed the music video for the song himself and it features clips from the movie along with cards scattered across the floor of the room Black and his band are playing in.  You can check out the video below.

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