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Musical Montage: Anya Taylor-Joy “Downtown”

Anya Taylor-Joy didn’t get the chance to flex her musical chops in Furiosa this past weekend, but she did in 2021’s Last Night in Soho, performing two different cover versions of the Petula Clark classic, “Downtown.”  Taylor-Joy played Sandie, an aspiring singer who gets dragged into the seedy underbelly of 1960s London and shares a seemingly supernatural link with aspiring fashion designer Ellie (Thomasin Mckenzie), who lives in present-day London.  Ellie has visions of Sandie’s life, including her auditioning to be a singer at a nightclub, where Sandie sings “Downtown.”  The song was used in the teaser trailer for Last Night in Soho, and it was released a week before the movie came out on various streaming and digital music platforms.  Taylor-Joy also performed a cover of “You’re My World”  by Cilla Black for the film.  You can check out both versions of “Downtown” below.


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