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Everything Action Theater: The Adventures of Sinbad

The success of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess spawned a slew of syndicated adventure series, including 1996’s The Adventures of Sinbad.  Loosely based on the story for The Arabian Nights, the series starred Zen Gesner as Sinbad, who returns to his home of Baghdad after two years at sea and gets recruited to rescue the kidnapped Princess Adena, taken by the villainous sorcerer Turok (Juan Chioran).  Gathering a crew that includes his brother Doubar (George Buza), inventor/scientist Firouz (Tim Progosh), mute warrior Rongar (Oris Erhuero), Celtic sorceress Maeve (Jacqueline Collen, who left after the first season), and Dermott the Falcon (playing himself), Sinbad sets out to rescue the princess and find his lost mentor Dim Dim, who disappeared into a magical limbo.  The crew fought various villains and mythological creatures over the show’s two seasons and 44 episodes.  A third season was planned, but a contract dispute caused the series to be canceled despite solid ratings.  The series was released on DVD in its native Canada but isn’t officially streaming anywhere.  Thanks to YouTube, you can check out the first episode of the series, “Return of Sinbad: Part 1,” below.

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