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Dave Bautista Puts a Hit On Himself in The Killer’s Game (Trailer)

Dave Bautista is a hitman who puts a hit out on himself in September’s The Killer’s Game.  Bautista plays legendary hitman Joe Flood, who falls for a woman (Sofia Boutella) and looks to leave the assassin game.  Getting diagnosed with a terminal disease, Joe decides to go out on his own terms and contracts an old rival, Marianna (Pom Klementieff), to put a hit on him.  Joe is soon shocked by a call from his doctor that there was a mix-up and he’s not going to die, but he’s unable to cancel the hit and now has to fend off the wave of fellow hitmen who are looking for the reward.  Ben Kingsley, Scott Adkins, Terry Crews, Drew McIntyre, Marko Zaror, and Daniel Bernhardt co-star.  JJ Perry, who directed the fun vampire action movie Day Shift for Netflix, is directing The Killer’s Game.  The movie is out on September 13th, and you can check out the trailer below.

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