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Everything Action Theater: The One (2001)

The only person who can take down Jet Li is himself in the 2001 martial arts action movie The One, which you can watch in the latest Everything Action Theater.  Digging into the multiverse years before Marvel and Spider-Man, The One follows an evil Jet Li, Gabriel Yulaw, who travels the Multiverse, killing other versions of himself, which makes him stronger.  With one version of himself left before he obtains ultimate power, Gabriel targets Gabe Yulaw, a Los Angeles deputy sheriff who has, unbeknownst to him, also absorbed the power of the other defeated variants.  Gabe gets help from Multiverse Authority agents Evan Funsch (Jason Statham) and Harry Rodecker (Delroy Lindo), but it ultimately comes down to a battle between the multiverse counterparts.  Final Destination director and X-Files writer James Wong directed the movie.  It grossed $79.6 million worldwide off a $49 million budget, so it wasn’t a massive hit, but it’s still a goofy, fun B-movie with some fantastic fight scenes from Li.  You can watch the entire movie below, thanks to YouTube.

Where to watch The One

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