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Santa Gets Kidnapped in Red One (Trailer)

Santa (JK Simmons) is kidnapped in the upcoming action/adventure holiday movie Red One, hitting theaters in November.  When it’s discovered that “Red One” aka Santa has been taken right before his yearly delivery run, the leader of his E.L.F Task Force, Callum Drift (Dwayne Johnson), is tasked to find him.  He’s paired with the world’s best tracker, Jack O’Malley (Chris Evans), even though O’Malley is firmly on the naughty list.  The pair journeys worldwide and into other holiday dimensions to find out who kidnapped Santa and tries to save Christmas.  Lucy Liu, Kiernan Shipka, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Nick Kroll, Kristofer Hivju, Wesley Kimmel, Bonnie Hunt and Jenna Kanell co-star.  The Rock’s Jumanji director Jake Kasdan directs Red One, and Fast and Furious scribe Chris Morgan wrote the script.  Red One is out on November 15th, and you can check out the first trailer below.

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