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Everything Action Theater: The President’s Man (2000)

Debuting in April 2000 toward the end of the run of Walker, Texas Ranger, The President’s Man was a made-for-TV movie featuring the one and only Chuck Norris as secret agent Joshua McCord.  Answering only to the President (Ralph Waite), McCord tackles missions untethered to any intelligence agency, but he’s starting to think about retirement and looking for someone to replace him.  While called upon to rescue the First Lady from a band of terrorists, McCord’s daughter Que (Jennifer Tung) finds a potential replacement for her father in Deke Slater (Dylan Neal), a bold but talented soldier currently serving a 30-year prison stint.  The movie must have done well enough in the ratings because two years later, a sequel, The President’s Man: A Line in the Sand, debuted on CBS in January 2002, with Norris and Tung returning and Judson Mills taking over as Slater.  Chuck’s son, Eric Norris, directed the sequel.  You can watch The President’s Man below, courtesy of YouTube.

Where to watch The President's Man

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