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Everything Actioncast: The Karate Kid Part III (1989)

This week on the Everything Actioncast, Zach and Chris enter the world of evil karate to talk about The Karate Kid Part III, which recently celebrated its 35th anniversary, and it’s also just in time for the start of the sixth and final season of Cobra Kai.

Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita return as Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi, fresh from their trip to Okinawa in The Karate Kid Part II.  Instead of going to college, Daniel buys a rundown store on the wrong side of town and tries to open a bonsai store with Mr. Miyagi.  Unfortunately for the duo, John Kreese (Martin Kove) is looking for revenge after he was humiliated in The Karate Kid and contacts his millionaire friend Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) to enact an extremely complicated scheme to crush Daniel and Mr. Miyagi under the might of Cobra Kai.  The guys talk about the over-the-top Bond villainy of Terry Silver, the surprising amount of mountain rappelling in a karate movie, the legality of a 17-year-old leasing a business in 1980s California, the movie’s surprising importance to Cobra Kai, the extremely abbreviated All Valley Tournament and more.

You can watch The Karate Kid Part III on Starz or buy/rent it from digital storefronts like Amazon. Next week, we’ll discuss The Last Starfighter as it celebrates its 40th anniversary.

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