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Musical Montage: Eighth Wonder “I’m Not Scared”

Although she left the group the same year Lethal Weapon 2 opened, co-star Patsy Kensit’s band Eighth Wonder had a song on the movie’s soundtrack, “I’m Not Scared.”  Formed in 1983 by Kensit, her brother Jamie Kensit, Steve Grantley, Geoff Beauchamp, Nigel Davis, Jake Walters, and Lawrence Lewis, the group first found success in the early 80s in Japan and Italy before hitting in the UK in 1988 with “I’m Not Scared,” which came off the group’s album Fearless.  The song was written by the Pet Shop Boys and became a top 10 hit in the UK, Italy, France and Spain.  Eighth Wonder disbanded in 1989 when Patsy Kensit decided to focus on her acting career.  You can check out the music video for “I’m Not Scared” below, which unfortunately doesn’t have any ties to Lethal Weapon 2, having debuted over a year before the movie came out.

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