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Trailer Park

June 14, 2007

Some great summer movies have already come out but there are tons more that are on the way. Here’s some we’re looking forward to. Live Free or Die Hard: Transformers (at least I am, Brian isn’t so sure about it):

Ladies and gentlemen, President Chuck Norris…

June 12, 2007

Okay, maybe not, but some people can dream. Chuck himself even wrote an online column detailing what he’d do if he was elected. Hey, if Arnie can control Cal-ee-fornia, then Chuck can definitely be the commander-in-chief kickass. Some personal favorites: – Increase jobs in America by sending ninja teams to sabotage and steal them back […]


John Rambo: The Trailer

May 19, 2007

When we posted our podcast for “First Blood”, we alluded to the fact that Stallone is making a fourth Rambo movie. Reaction: semi-stoked. Now that there’s a trailer, one immediately notices that a) Stallone is old and b) violence and gore. The jury’s still out, folks.


Funniest Deaths

May 11, 2007

You know sometimes you have to laugh at death, especially when it’s in a cheesy movie and it’s terribly acted and/or there are terrible effects. Of course the video begins with the mind blowing awfulness of Shark Attack 3. Enjoy!


And so it Begins…

May 3, 2007

Told you all that I’d be bringing you awesome videos over the break.  Here’s the first; Late Night with Conan O’Brian goes to Industrial Light and Magic during their visit to San Fransisco.  Hilarity naturally ensues.

Great Scott these videos are Heavy!

May 1, 2007

Well gang, we’ve finally come to the big season finale. You’ll have to get your fill of videos for a while, or will you? (insert creepy laugh here) Anyways here we go, videos for one top three trilogies of all time.