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The Pull List – Alien 3 #5

March 25, 2019

The xenomorphs infestation has spread throughout Anchorpoint, forcing the survivors to abandon the station. Agent Fox managed to completely cut communications before disappearing, leaving the survivors isolated with the creatures. Spence, Hicks, Bishop and a handful of crew members, plan to self destruct the station and depart on the last functional ship. With time and […]

The Pull List – Alien 3 #4

February 12, 2019

Lab technician Spence, Corporal Hicks, and a few other Weyland-Yutani employees take back control over the experiment on the xenomorphs. They successfully destroy the embryos but fail to spot the infected agent Welles. Unaware of the alien creature hidden inside herself, Welles transforms into a hideous xenomorph hybrid as her flesh shreds apart. Instinctively, Welles flees down the corridors of […]

The Pull List – Alien 3 #3

January 8, 2019

As the U.P.P and Weyland-Yutani compete to research the xenomorphs, they both unknowingly plotted their own destruction.  The U.P.P has successfully cloned a xenomorph from a sampled collected from the android Bishop, before trading it back to Weyland-Yutani. The cloned xenomorph and the data collected by Bishop gives the U.P.P a deadly weapon, something they believe they can control. On the space station Anchorpoint, a […]

The Pull List – Alien 3 #2

December 11, 2018

The Weyland-Yutani Corp. has secured Hicks, Newt, and Ripley, bringing them onboard to the space station Anchorpoint. Previously, the Union of Progressive Peoples had secretly retrieved the body of the android Bishop, breaking an agreement with interfering with Weyland-Yutani operations. The U.P.P has been analyzing the Bishop’s data for clues on what happened on LV-426. When the higher-ups at Weyland-Yutani look to contain […]

The Pull List – Alien 3 #1

November 12, 2018

Science fiction writer William Gibson’s vision for the movie Alien 3 has come alive in Dark Horse Comic’s Alien 3 mini-series comic. Gibson wrote a screenplay for the sequel to 1986 Aliens which picked up directly after the events of the movie. Ripley, Hicks, Newt, and Bishop are awaiting rescue in hypersleep aboard the spaceship Sulaco. Discovered by […]

News Shotgun 7/14

July 14, 2018

Neill Blomkamp directing a new Robocop, Black Widow movie gets a director, first looks at Shazam and Godzilla, an alternate version of Alien 3 is coming to comics, the Joaquin Phoenix Joker film is officially on the way and much more in this week’s News Shotgun.