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The Pull List – Cyko KO! #1

September 12, 2019

The pinball playing, motorcycle riding hero, Cyko KO is back for more misadventures. Cyko’s partner, Peachy Keen, presents tickets to Rad Stinger and the Bee Sides. However, Cyko’s boss, Kreskin, gives Cyko and Peachy an assignment. Baron Diablo, one of Cyko greatest villains, has returned and is heading towards Stinger’s concert. Cyko’s birthday bash will […]

The Pull List – The Actual Roger #1

February 6, 2019

In a world with actual superheroes, young Roger Beanman dreamed of donning a cape and flying in to save the day. Roger had idealized his city’s protector Magnanimo, the extraordinary hero of Monopolium. But just when Roger had given up the idea of being a superhero, a strange meteorite lands in his backyard. Roger and his friend […]

The Pull List – Feast or Famine #2

February 5, 2019

Nicholas Teska and Albalien Stein prepare themselves to embark on a trip into the unknown cosmos. After years of experimenting, Teska and Stein have opened a portal to a distant planet. A signal from an unknown planet has reached Earth and Teska was able to extract a location. Equipped with space suits, laser guns, and exploration gear, […]

The Pull List – Unit 44 #1

January 30, 2019

When Area 51’s offsite storage unit gets behind on its rent payments, a super-secret government agency suddenly loses a lot of valuable and classified items to storage locker auction. Things go back from bad to worst when two buyers win the contents of the unit and begin to poke around the items. Sent in to fix this […]

The Pull List – IF Anthology: Horror

January 17, 2019

Alterna Comics presents a collection of spine-tingling chills in IF Anthology: Horror, a compilation of thrilling and suspenseful short stories from over 20 different comic creators. These tales explore the strange and the grisly terrors of the imagination. There are vengeful spirits, angry science experiments and twisted people that have reached their breaking point. Every writer and […]

The Pull List – Feast or Famine #1

December 18, 2018

Set in an alternate past, a brilliant inventor Nicholas Teska begins his journey to radically change the course of technology in the 19th century. Wishing to guide humanity in an open and positive direction, he develops innovated devices that will create more imaginative possibilities. Choosing to help his fellow man over lining the pockets of greedy men, Teska struggles to […]

The Pull List – Cyko KO! #3

December 14, 2018

When Cyko KO has the chance to take on the Devil Spider, an evil giant spider that destroyed Cyko’s father, Mega KO, Cyko eagerly accepts the mission. Wishing to face the Devil Spider alone, he prepares to use his secret weapon, the Multi Action Dimensional Super Kinetic Laser Zapper, or MADSKLZ, a superweapon with unknown powers. But Cyko doesn’t have to know what […]

The Pull List – Cyko KO! #2

October 2, 2018

In the latest adventure of Cyko KO!, the evil Chen has created his latest scheme to destroy his nemesis, actor Steven Machinaw. Chen was once a movie studio owner and hired Machinaw to be a stuntman, but a flop movie and an onset accident destroyed Chen’s reputation and turned himself into a villain. After a stunt gone […]