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The Pull List – American Gods: My Ainsel #9

December 17, 2018

Police Chief Mulligan takes Shadow into custody after Audrey Burton, a former friend of Shadow’s is shocked to find Shadow in Lakeside. While being processed in the county jail, Shadow calls the Ibis and Jacquel Funeral Parlor in hopes of finding Mr. Wednesday to fix things. But when Mr. Wednesday can’t be reached and Chief Mulligan […]

The Pull List – American Gods: My Ainsel #8

November 13, 2018

Shadow’s grows closer to his neighbor Marguerite Olsen and discovers he has a common connection, her sister is Samantha Black Crow, a hitchhiking college-student to whom Shadow had helped in this travels. The two are shocked to meet again, but keep the ruse of Shadow’s true identity. But someone else has arrived in the town of Lakeside […]

The Pull List – American Gods: My Ainsel #7

October 16, 2018

The winter weather begins to freeze up most of America, Mr. Wednesday drops Shadow off back in the town of Lakeside to wait out the winter freeze. This gives Shadow sometime to become Mike Ainsel again, but after so many odd experiences, he’s not quite the same. The recruitment drive for the Gods is exhausting work for […]

The Pull List – American Gods: My Ainsel #6

September 6, 2018

With no clues on the whereabouts of the missing teen Alison, Shadow takes a trip with Mr. Wednesday out into the quiet planes of South Dakota to visit another god. Instead of driving Mr. Wednesday’s sleek Lincoln town car, the pair ride in a beat up Winnebago, exploring the countryside in a not so fashionable style. However, […]

The Pull List – American Gods: My Ainsel #5

July 19, 2018

Shadow returns back to the town of Lakeside, where a local teenage had gone missing. The small town is united in searching for this girl, checking the cold woods and river beds to possible sightings. Shadow had previously befriended this teenage on his way into Lakeside, and decides to lend a hand with the search […]

The Pull List – American Gods: My Ainsel #4

June 12, 2018

With only a few days of rest after his trip to Las Vegas, Shadow has some time to settle in and gets to know a little more about his next door neighbor Margie Oslen. The local town police Officer, Chad Mulligan, offers a ride to Shadow and the two talk about the separation of the […]

The Pull List – American Gods: My Ainsel #3

May 15, 2018

As Shadow meets his new neighbors and puts the finishing touches to his new apartment as Mike Ainsel, Shadow gets a visit from Mr. Wednesday. After wrapping up business else where, Mr. Wednesday needs Shadow to accompany him to recruit another god, this time in Las Vegas. This god, one that watches over the city of […]

The Pull List – American Gods: My Ainsel #2

April 9, 2018

Shadow hides away in the sleepy town of Lakeside, taking the identity of Mike Ainsel and residing in an apartment set up by Mr. Wednesday. The two have split up and hide themselves from the other gods and the secret government tracking their moves. As Mike Ainsel, Shadow has a small break from being terrorized […]