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The Pull List – Savage Hearts #1

July 13, 2021

Can love blossom on a quest for revenge? A love-struck jungle beastman believes so, but maybe not so much for the jacked barbarian he admires in Dark Horse Comics Savage Hearts #1.

The Pull List – The Worst Dudes #1

June 1, 2021

When a galactic singer goes missing, a dirty cop and an angsty god are forced to partner together. These two dubious sleuths follow a trail of drugs, sex, and violence in The Worst Dudes #1.

The Pull List – No One Left To Fight #5

November 7, 2019

A monstrous foe returns from the dead and is set on taking revenge against the heroes. The Hierophant resurrects Bruton, a vicious warrior that was defeated long ago by Vâle and Timór. Shocked by Bruton’s arrival, Vâle and Timór do all they can to stop the undead villain. However, Bruton has gained new strength that […]

The Pull List – No One Left To Fight #4

October 2, 2019

Traveling into a misty fog, Vâle, Krysta, and Timór struggle to find the private home of their friends Quon and Kaya. Quon and Kaya had enduring incessant skirmishes in the past, causing the pair to secluded themselves at their private hideaway, the Arboreal Sanctum. The location of Quon and Kaya’s whereabouts seems to be purposely […]

The Pull List – No One Left to Fight #3

September 3, 2019

Love gets turned into hate when Vâle gets a surprise late-night visitor. Vâle, Krysta, and Timór were former students of the martial arts master Mistress Harga, they have returned to her school to pay respects. They also reunite with Winda, another student that trained together. They were close when they were children but have grown […]