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The Pull List – She Could Fly: The Lost Pilot #2

May 7, 2019

Luna falls deeper into her obsession with finding Mayura Howard’s family. She has become consumed by her curiosity and her mind has started to become affected. Violent memories and nightmarish fantasies have crept back into her head. Fearing that she might be sent to psychiatric care, she finds ways to appear normal. But she is […]

The Pull List – The Girl in the Bay #4

May 2, 2019

All the pieces of Kathy Sartori’s murder had fallen into place, leading to a shocking invitation by Hugh Landsky. But Hugh has not been in control for this plan. A dark entity that has been the mastermind behind Hugh and has set one last trap. The dark entity wants to finish that fateful night at […]

The Pull List – The Girl in the Bay #3

March 28, 2019

As one life is taken away, another one continues the search for answers. The teenage Kathy Sartori learns more about the life of her alternate self, becoming acquainted with woman’s husband Kenneth and her granddaughter Jennifer. Experiencing the emotional depths of her other life, she struggles to keep her real identity a secret. Meanwhile, Hugh […]

The Pull List – The Girl in the Bay #2

March 5, 2019

Can a single soul be split into two lives? Kathy Sartori didn’t believe so until she meets her double, an older version of herself that exist in 2019. The older Kathy is now a grandmother, happily married and watching over a grandchild. Trying to understand the strange events, the younger Kathy wanders the streets of […]

The Pull List – She Could Fly #4

October 3, 2018

With the mystery of the Flying Woman solved, its a free for all to calm all of her secrets. Luna Brewster just wanted closure on the death of Mayura Howard and uncovered Mayura’s diary. Bill Meigs found the schematics and prototype components that created the flying jetpack. The Chinese government has made a deal with Meigs […]

The Pull List – Mata Hari #5

September 13, 2018

The Mata Hari reveals the last chapter of her life and prepares for a final performance. Margaretha Zelle-MacLeod has lived the grand life as Mata Hari for a few years, gaining popularity and the allure of a goddess. People watch with delight as Mata Hair dances on stage, and men throw themselves at her for her […]

The Pull List – She Could Fly #3

September 10, 2018

Bill Meigs and Luna Brewster have finally crossed paths. Bill has been hunting down the technology used to create the Flying Woman’s jetpack and Luna has been obsessing about the life of Flying Woman, Mayura Howard. These two have been searching for more information about Mayura and now have come to a mutual agreement to help […]