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Musical Montage: Faith Hill “There You’ll Be”

December 6, 2021

Possibly looking to copy some of the success of Titanic and its massive power ballad “My Heart Will Go On”, Celine Dion was offered “There You’ll Be” for Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor but she turned it down and country superstar Faith Hill performed the song instead.

Musical Montage: An American Tail

February 15, 2021

An American Tail is still one of the most beloved and best-remembered movies from animation legend Don Bluth and one of the reasons for its longevity is its iconic song “Somewhere Out There”, which was a massive radio hit and earned two Grammy awards along with being nominated for an Oscar. Fievel Goes West brought the song back along with a new song, the less remembered “Dreams to Dream”.

Musical Montage: The Peanut Butter Solution

November 9, 2020

Alongside all the disturbing insanity of 1985’s children’s film/horror nightmare The Peanut Butter Solution was the first ever English language songs performed by the one and only Celine Dion, “Listen to the Magic Man” and “Michael’s Song”.

Musical Montage: Celine Dion “Ashes”

May 14, 2018

In another brilliant marketing masterstroke from the team promoting Deadpool 2, the Merc with a Mouth teamed with the Queen of Las Vegas, Celine Dion, for the sweeping pop ballad “Ashes” for the Deadpool 2 soundtrack.