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The Pull List – Fight Club 3 #10

October 29, 2019

The fun at the Last Round Up gets an interruption when Marla Singer goes into labor. The time has come for Marla’s baby to arrive, but it’s not at an ideal location. Focusing on the moment, Marla thinkings back at what lead her to this exact point in her life. Balthazar and Marla are ready […]

The Pull List – Fight Club 3 #8

August 28, 2019

When Balthazar’s aging looks and charms won’t add numbers to this tally, drastic measures were taken. With the help of plastic surgery, Balthazar’s gets an updated look. However, his new face brings out a whole new set of problems. Determine to save his family and his old appearance, Balthazar sets off to reach a million […]

The Pull List – Fight Club 3 #7

July 31, 2019

In order to stay alive, Balthazar and Tyler must venture back to the dating pool to find people to romance. However, they have stiff competition. Die Off Endeavors has been busy spreading its infection and carriers grow every day. Balthazar and Tyler will have to turn up the charm factor and head into the night. […]

The Pull List – Fight Club 3 #6

June 20, 2019

A young man makes his way into the mystery realm contain inside a picture frame. The perplexing object leads to a heavenly world that has brought generations of people to inhabit. But when the young man arrives, he discovers the surrounds has been taken over by the remains of Project Rize or Die, and now […]

The Pull List – Fight Club 3 #5

May 23, 2019

Die Off Endeavors’ diabolical virus arrives at the doorsteps of Marla Singer. An infected mover tries to seduce the Marla to add to his count of carriers. Meanwhile, Balthazar and Tyler are stuck at a Die Off Endeavors seminar. They had hoped to learn something about the organization, but are shown useless marketing than actual […]

The Pull List – Fight Club 3 #4

April 22, 2019

A viral outbreak that has been spread from carrier to unsuspecting victims has taken over the nation. People have become prey to an anarchical program to culling the population. Balthazar finds himself and his family being targeted for elimination. Instead of leading the task, Tyler has become a victim of a new order. Die Off […]

The Pull List – Fight Club 3 #3

March 22, 2019

Initiated into a new terror group. Balthazar returns home to find a new job and extra money to spend. Bearing a heart shape mark, Balthazar has to seduce and infect others to avoid being assassinated from his new group. This is a requirement for all members, each trying to increase their infection count to avoid […]

The Pull List – Fight Club 3 #2

February 22, 2019

A night of drinking and fun puts Tyler Durden back into control and Balthazar into a strange situation. Stephanie, a young corporate headhunter, seduces Tyler and spreads a mystery ailment to him. Given instructions to call a number, Balthazar and Tyler are now part of an eccentric operation. Meanwhile, a magical picture frame that has teleported visitors […]