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The Pull List – Crackdown #1

February 20, 2019

When the criminal organizations begin a campaign to terrorize the innocent, the Agency is there to make sure evil doesn’t escape justice. The Agency is an elite crime-fighting task force, with super soldiers known as Agents. Equipped with the latest high tech equipment and powers, these Agents are sent to take on the most dangerous missions and […]

The Pull List – Bloodshot: Rising Spirit #2

December 18, 2018

Experimented, analyzed and retested, Project Rising Spirit is struggling to figure out why Bloodshot is rejecting multiple memory implants. Mob hitman, war veteran, test subject; all these past lives are crumbling apart, sending Bloodshot into a fit of rage. Distorted experiences leave Bloodshot confused to what is real and what is artificial. As his mind is […]

The Pull List – American Gods: My Ainsel #9

December 17, 2018

Police Chief Mulligan takes Shadow into custody after Audrey Burton, a former friend of Shadow’s is shocked to find Shadow in Lakeside. While being processed in the county jail, Shadow calls the Ibis and Jacquel Funeral Parlor in hopes of finding Mr. Wednesday to fix things. But when Mr. Wednesday can’t be reached and Chief Mulligan […]

The Pull List – Captain Ginger #3

December 11, 2018

To ensure the safety of his crew, Captain Ginger seeks out a communication signal coming from a desolate region of space. Bringing along Sergeant Mittens, the pair journey into unknown territory while trying to mend their rocky relationship.  Meanwhile, Science Cat discovers a hidden file left behind by the Feeders, a term the felines called the extinct […]

The Pull List – Alien 3 #2

December 11, 2018

The Weyland-Yutani Corp. has secured Hicks, Newt, and Ripley, bringing them onboard to the space station Anchorpoint. Previously, the Union of Progressive Peoples had secretly retrieved the body of the android Bishop, breaking an agreement with interfering with Weyland-Yutani operations. The U.P.P has been analyzing the Bishop’s data for clues on what happened on LV-426. When the higher-ups at Weyland-Yutani look to contain […]

The Pull List – Death Orb #2

November 2, 2018

The Rider awakens to find himself captured by a group of survivors hiding in the wastelands. The group’s leader, Carvell, carefully listens to the Rider and determines he is not a threat to their safety. In fact, the Rider’s mission to hunt down Father is something the group is willing to aid and ask the […]

The Pull List- Stranger Things #2

October 25, 2018

Will Byers finds himself in a nightmare version of home, trying to hide from the monstrous demogorgon. But he finds the bravery to make a stance against his fears and fends off the beast with his grand father’s hunting rifle. After, Will makes an attempt to communicate back to his reality and let someone know […]

The Pull List – High Heaven #2

October 23, 2018

Bunk Beds, Peanut Crackers and one channel TV isn’t enough for David Weather’s idea of Heaven. After suffering a humiliating moment before his death, he thought things would turn around in the afterlife. To his misery, the afterlife is full of things that he can’t stop complaining about. But there might be some chance to […]