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The Pull List – God of War: Fallen Gods #1

March 8, 2021

After Zeus’ death and the destruction of his rule, Kratos believed his torment would be over. Severing his connection to the gods and exiling himself, the God of War was to be no more. However, no matter how far he roams or what attempts he tries, he cannot outrun his fury and guilt. A war rages inside of Kratos, fighting to keep what little he has left to gain or lose.

The Pull List – Young Hellboy: The Hidden Land #1

February 15, 2021

In 1947, Professor Bruttenholm and Hellboy are invited to see an excavation of a South American dig site. As father and son travel abroad on an airplane, trouble strikes and causing the plane to crash nearby a savage island. Fending off the wild beast and hungry predators, this untamed land holds many secrets that will kill to keep hidden.

The Pull List – Rasputin: The Voice of The Dragon #3

December 26, 2017

The bullets and magic come flying in this issue of Rasputin. Professor Trevor Bruttenholm is a new recruit in a joint operation with the Allies to understand what the Axis powers are researching the dark arts. Tasked with a secret mission to learn more about “The Master” (aka Rasputin), Bruttenholm parachutes into a Nazi occupied France to pursuit a […]

The Pull List – Rasputin: The Voice of The Dragon #1

November 9, 2017

Writers Mike Mingola and Chris Roberson, and artist Christopher Mitten are revealing more about the mystic Grigori Rasputin in Rasputin: The Voice of The Dragon, a five part mini series that delves into the past of the Hellboy universe. Set in the early years of the WWII, Rasputin: The Voice of The Dragon explains Rasputin introduction to […]

The Pull List: The Art of Overwatch

October 24, 2017

The 2016 game Overwatch was a gigantic hit and plenty of gamers have poured hours into it. Based on the popularity, 1 out of every 4 gamers have spent some time running around trying to capture bases, escort a bomb or being a simple base camper. But for those looking to take a break from […]

EA at NYCC 2017

October 20, 2017

Back for its 12th year, New York Comic Con gathered together geeks from all over to celebrate comics, movies and fandom for four straight days. Held at the Jacob Javits Center, NYCC is one of the largest conventions that brings in over 180,000 attendees and holds multiple events through New York. Our Con-man Chris was […]

The Pull List: September 13 2017

September 18, 2017

After a small delay in catching up on September’s comic, I’ve finally made time to relax and read up on last week’s new comic book day releases. I’ve been hunting down back issues of American Gods while the TV version is preparing for its next season on Starz. I’m refreshing my Ninjak knowledge with his […]