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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Goes from Zombies to Demons in The Unholy (Trailer)

March 11, 2021

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a disgraced reporter who heads to New England to investigate the story of a girl who claims that she was visited by the Virgin Mary and granted her hearing and speech back while also gaining the ability to heal others but it seems like her powers may have a darker source in the Sam Raimi produced horror movie, The Unholy.

Horror Villain of the Week: The Djinn

October 23, 2019

A member of ancient, evil race that possesses seemingly unlimited magical powers, The Djinn seeks to force the person that frees it to make three wishes, which will allow the Djinn to enter the mortal realm and conquer Earth.

Annabelle Comes Home at the End of June (Trailer)

May 28, 2019

After finally locating the demonic doll Annabelle, the Warrens lock her in their archives but their daughter and her babysitters become the demon’s latest target in the seventh entry in The Conjuring franchise, Annabelle Comes Home.