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The Pull List – Bill & Ted Are Doomed #3

November 10, 2020

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Writer: Evan Dorkin Art: Roger Langridge With a mix-up at a Scandinavian death metal festival, Wyld Stallyn finds themselves in front of an angry crowd. Worst yet, their presence at the festival has riled up the evil metal band Vile Empire. Escalating their frenzy fans, Vile Empire leads a wild hunt […]

The Pull List – Bill & Ted Are Doomed #1

September 8, 2020

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Writer: Evan Dorkin Art: Roger Langridge In the future, Bill and Ted are remembered as musical saviors that united humanity with their music. Bill and Ted defeated the evil dictator De Nomolos and brought their band Wyld Stallyns, into mega-stardom in 1995. It was the start of their journey to write […]

The Pull List – Blackwood #4

August 27, 2018

Trouble comes to Blackwood in a storm of bugs, the curse of Blackwood is unfolding on not just the surviving teens, but for the whole institution. Wren, Reiko, and Stephen are still shaken by the magical discoveries about their school and the death of one of their roommates. Having witnessed too many horrors, the curse of Blackwood […]

The Pull List – Blackwood #3

July 20, 2018

The curse of Blackwood is real and deadly, and for one unfortunate student, that curse is enforced. The surviving students and the facility staff must deal with the grim reality that very sinister is coming to Blackwood college. The school has always been known for it’s mysterious and unexplained phenomenon, but it’s reached a new level […]

The Pull List – Dork Hardcover Edition

July 16, 2018

Take a peek into the mind that brought the world Milk and Cheese in a comic series that’s a mix of dark humor vignettes and the coherent ramblings of a nerdy cartoonist. Evan Dorkin’s Dork is a anthology series of short comics that represented his views on family, pop culture, commercialism, violence, Fisher-Price toys and many other […]

The Pull List – Milk and Cheese: Dairy Products Gone Bad TPB

May 3, 2018

If you were a child of the 90’s and visited a comic shop, you probably had to notice these two cute and stern looking creatures in a bizarre series called Milk and Cheese. Part dairy, part Eugene Levy and filled of mischief, Milk and Cheese were two anthropomorphic dairy products that were looking for a […]